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Company History

The early 70’s brought growth in the farming sector of this nation. Bud Shepherd and his sons were part of that growth which brought about the purchase of several over the road trucks and trailers to transport their grain to larger markets. Not long after that a decision by Bud and his sons to offer their skills at transporting grain was made to local elevators that needed assistance in moving their grain to ports in Toledo and Cincinnati. Seeing a further need and opportunity to grow Bud sought and acquired the necessary credentials to expand into other ag products.


As time went on so does evolution, and so came the addition of ICC Authority and the world of flatbed freight. What started as back hauls of steel products soon became regular lanes and a list of shippers of all sorts of steel products. This growth led Bud and his sons out of the ag related transportation business and into a place where it seemed that only the big boys did business.


Upon the passing of Bud in 1984, the torch was passed onto his 3 sons. This once again brought change and the brothers decided to look into utilizing the tanker trailers they had on the farm for commercial use as well. A meeting was procured with Phil Franz & Randy Thomas with BP Chemical and so began our journey into the world of hazardous materials and substances in bulk liquids. That first customer provided by BP then - is still a customer today.

Our Vision


Today Cessna Transport is a partner with shippers of nitric and sulfuric acids along with a range of other products to be shipped in a tank vehicle, as well as compressed gases such as propane and anhydrous ammonia.


Through diligence and highly trained and dedicated staff and drivers we continue to bring excellence to transportation with courtesy, knowledge, and on time deliveries.


We will continue to strive to be the best at what we do. Learning is an ongoing process that is always welcomed. 



We are fully licensed, special permitted, experienced and insured to transport:



  • Various kinds of acids. Including sulfuric, nitric, sulfonic, and phosphoric to name a few.


  • Liquids of various kinds. Both hazardous and non-hazardous.


  • Compressed gasses. Propane and Anhydrous Ammonia.


  • Bulk commodities in End Dumps.

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